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Jobs for over 50s: This is our Mission

Our Mission is to Match Seasoned Professionals with Jobs for over 50s

The Director-e is about matching the CVs of job hunting seasoned professionals with tangible skills; proven talent, real achievements and sustained success with senior and executive jobs and real business need. Great news for all of those seeking jobs for over 50s and great news for UK plc.

First of all, a genuinely warm welcome. Welcome to kindred spirits who unequivocally recognise and believe in the enormous economic value and business potential of the over 50’s and those in their 40’s heading in that direction. That talented and committed demographic who are experienced, qualified, seasoned and highly proven professionals who offer enormous economic value in the new economy and those recruiters, Head Hunters and Hiring Managers who are looking for those higher level skills and experience but who are both finding it difficult to match the right employer with the right candidate – matching skills, talent, experience and performance with business need, business success and opportunity is the heartbeat of The Director-e.

The team at The Director-e are extremely aware of some recruitment practices that seem to dismiss the mature or older workers demographic of over 50’s as being either, too old and ‘past it’, not possessing the relevant skills or, and perhaps worst of all, are just plain over-qualified. We are also aware that no amount of legislation is able to prevent ageism in recruitment. There is ample research on the market to confirm that there is a vast economic resource that is simply being dismissed by young, graduate recruiters or naive Hiring Managers who somehow see experience and success as some kind of barrier to future success or more likely a misguided threat to their own livelihoods.

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So who are The Director-e?

We are a small group of seasoned business professionals who have made it our mission to match seasoned professionals with jobs for over 50s. Two of the team are over 45 and our youngest is a 27 year old Recruitment Consultant who really does understand the plight and issues of those seeking opportunities and jobs for the over 50’s, and the immense scale of opportunity for society and the economy at large to re-engage businesses with this high-performance demographic.

As The Director-e evolves we will do everything that we can to promote, support, encourage and showcase you; your immense talents and your economic value to your family, to business and to Government and encourage Recruiters, Hiring Managers and Head Hunters to focus on value rather than age and over-experience and to look at recruitment in a different way.