A New Approach to Employment and Placement

Here at The Director-e we’re focused on real talent and proven results. We’re firmly committed to providing recruiters and hiring managers with the very best senior, executive and professional talent available in the UK and indeed, a human orientated experience. In short, we offer a new approach to employment and placement.

We’re different because we speak as; and set The Director-e up based upon personal, documented and researched experience. We also understand that in the modern business world, not everyone is privileged to or even desires to remain with the same employer for many years. Indeed, in senior and executive roles, recruiting a breadth of experience across a number of sectors, businesses and alternative activities is the panacea for many organisations. Seasoned professionals are extremely focused and have a well proven approach to the introduction of fresh ideas, new initiatives and new opportunities. They have the proven experience to bring and maintain stability and stakeholder relations through change into the heart of any business.

It cannot be pure chance or coincidence that the Norman Broadbent NBBoard Review 2014 clearly identified that not only do the FTSE100, FTSE250, AIM and Small Cap and Fledgling businesses all require and appoint vast experience (51.64 years old at the youngest average) across their Executive, Non-Executive Directorships and Chairman roles. Interestingly they are also dominated by tenures of under 5 years in these senior ranks.

Businesses should consider a new approach to employment and placement

The Director-e is also different because we absolutely understand that many senior appointees often transition between a traditional employed role and consultancy, or indeed interim work between permanent roles as these high-flyers with track records of immense success do not and will not sit idle. They are intrinsically passionate about business. They’re passionate about creating and maintaining stable employment for hundreds of people, and wholly understand how the success of the businesses they manage contribute in no uncertain terms to the economic success and resilience of the UK economy as a whole.

Recruiters who actively engage with what may be traditionally seen as unstable and “out of it” employees will undoubtedly be incredibly surprised to find the exact opposite. These “candidates” are likely to be more driven, more determined, more experienced, better connected, more committed, more reliable and more passionate about business and performance than employees who are considered to have a stable, chronologically intact employment record. Possibly more so than those who have never really had to prove just how capable, adaptable; resilient and talented they are. We believe that our new approach to employment and placement really is needed.

We’ve always recognised the vast economic human capital residing in a database of senior and executive job seeking professionals

From our original concept, we always recognised a need for a new approach to employment and placement. We always recognised the vast economic human capital residing in a database of senior and executive job seeking professionals. We also recognised that many of these potential candidates “live a journey” and experience a myriad of employment opportunities, placements and appointments between traditional employment, consultancy work, returning to traditional employment or setting up their own specialist businesses. That is why The Director-e is different. We actively blend traditional employment and recruitment practices with that myriad of opportunities such as project, interim and consultancy work. In doing so, our mission to proactively support the UK economy, seasoned professionals, businesses and recruiters from a single source of access is fulfilled.

Social Talent (https://www.socialtalent.co/blog/the-uberization-of-recruitment-what-you-need-to-know) identified that 53 million Americans are now engaged in freelance work, and of those 60% of these indicated that they had made this decision out of choice rather than necessity. Whether that is entirely true for a nation of “Employment at Will” and without the employment protection afforded to European workers could be open to debate. It does though also mean that 21 million freelance workers in the USA are operating as freelance out of necessity and no doubt a significant proportion of the UK’s freelance workers are likewise positioning themselves. Interestingly and this may become both beneficial and detrimental to the stability of businesses, in June 2015 Forbes.com estimated that 1 in 2 people will be freelance workers by 2020, many by choice.

A new approach to employment is a big win for business

The big win for businesses that recruit at this level of talent is not just the experience that is evident in their CV’s, it is the sheer breadth of their experience across markets, sectors, stakeholders and technologies that they have amassed which simply cannot be highlighted on a two page CV or resume. The team at The Director-e are continuously amazed, impressed and motivated by the sheer breadth and diversity of personal capability, credibility, capacity, achievements and agility of job seeking professionals and of the economic potential that they possess, whether recruited for permanent roles or temporary placements and consultancy work.

Recruiters who follow the 6 month “out of work” / “gap on CV” / they’re consultants because they can’t find a job” rule are singularly failing to understand how the modern employment world has both shifted, is shifting and works for senior and executive job seeking professionals. Any belief that job seekers of this professional stature have not just maintained but expanded their business expertise and exposure; are undoubtedly missing and actively discarding a huge recruitment potential for their clients.

To find out more about our new approach to employment and placement, please visit our mission where you can also find out who the people are behind The Director-e.

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