Employing the over 50s: Shirley McGuire @Powerpac_Ltd Testimonial

Interviewed on 27th October 2016, Shirley McGuire of Powerpac describes in this video testimonial, her experience of employing staff that have plenty of experience – in this instance a chap aged over 50.

As you have seen and heard, Shirley has successfully employed this individual aged 50+ who came fresh into their electrical business, took everything in their stride, required very little support and gone on to be an experience, valuable part of their team.

It has been a positive experience and something that Shirley was very happy to share with us as a consequence of a chance meeting and conversation with The Director-e’s Operations Director, Craig Johnstone at the LBE16 Leicester Business Exhibition 2016, taking place at the Leicester Tigers Rugby Stadium, Welford Road, Leicester.

We hope that viewing this video testimonial has been of interest to you and perhaps thought provoking as an employer, particularly when you’re considering your criteria of who you should employ for your next job vacancy.

The Director-e’ is a talent-led and business focused recruitment and placement job board that provides industry leading executive job search functionality. We believe in the enormous economic value and business potential of the over 50’s and those in their 40’s heading in that direction. Our mission is to match that talented and committed demographic who are experienced, qualified and highly proven professionals that offer enormous economic value with recruiters, head hunters and hiring managers who are looking for higher level skills and experience – Great news for all of those seeking jobs for over 50s and great news for UK plc.

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