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Corporate Programme Manager / Project Manager CV - Yateley

The latest up-to-date CV for this Corporate Programme Manager / Project Manager, located in Yateley

Programme Manager / Project Manager Professional Summary

Programme & Project Manager
Business Transformation & Continuous Improvement and Efficiency Gains through Process Analysis, Redesign & Mapping.

Mobile: 07951 952062

I am a professional with 25+ years’ experience reporting to and operating within the Corporate suite environment where I have led business transformation and continuous improvement programmes as well as programme rescues and recoveries. I have elected to specialise in straddling the Strategy-Operations divide by assisting and supporting executive teams by interpreting and synthesising complex strategies into operational plans of action.

A case study of my largest and most successful organisational transformation programme can be viewed at  This programme led to more efficient and improved patient flows leading to better patient experiences.

Other similar case studies can be found on my Linked In profile which can be viewed at can be viewed on Linked in at

I have also achieved success by identifying those areas most in need of intervention through the use of empirical and anecdotal evidence. Through imbedding continuous improvement techniques I have improved services, driven efficiencies and savings out of said systems by the re-engineering of processes and procedures using highly focussed Programmes and Projects.

I have achieved success in multiple environments – most recently in Renewable Energy but also in Retail Banking, Insurance, Financial Services, Information Technology, Publishing, UK Health and the Motor Manufacturing sectors. As such. I bring a wealth of cross-industry experience to any organisation I am appointed to.

To successfully deliver objectives and improve both organisational and programme performance, I have used a range of techniques, namely, pro-active use of PMO’s to deliver organisation-wide oversight of portfolios, improving governance, continuous improvement, efficiencies and savings. Other techniques used have been options appraisals and feasibility studies, business case reviews, programme and project plan reviews, KPI and RISK reviews and analysis backed up by on-site mentoring, training, and support of teams and individuals using the mantra “If you don’t succeed – I don’t succeed”.

I am an autodidact, an ability which employers have been quick to capitalise upon, I have led a UK start-up as well as led comprehensive cross-business change and transformation programmes in the UK, South Africa, New Zealand, Australia and the U.S.A.

I have also developed a joint savings and efficiencies programme across 5 independent public sector organisations in the East of England, rationalising on common areas of effort and focus using process re-engineering techniques and continuous improvement to add value and drive out waste, improving services and efficiencies across all 5.

In 1994 I consulted on and then led and implemented one of the first chip and pin solutions for debit cards in the world at the National Bank of New Zealand in association with Visa International. This programme provided improved services for customers by allowing them to use their debit cards locally and internationally without the need for a signature. This was a major programme with over 10 workstreams. The main components were IT Infrastructure and Software changes, Card Re-imaging, Reissue and Embossing to ISO 9001 specifications plus a nation-wide Marketing Campaign. This programme was the test-bed for all Lloyd’s banks worldwide.

All assignments have incorporated complete end-to-end life cycle planning including Strategy, Scoping, Process and Pathways Design/Redesign, Resource Planning, Quality initiatives and Market Management profiling.

Key Skills

Board AssuranceBusiness analysisContinuous Improvementscost savingsefficiency gainsOperationsPerformace ReviewsProblem SolvingProcess ImprovementsProgramme managerProject ManagerQuality AssuranceRisk AnalaysisStrategy

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