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Corporate Business Analyst CV - Yateley

The latest up-to-date CV for this Corporate Business Analyst, located in Yateley

Business Analyst Professional Summary

JOHN DAVID HALSTED – Business Analyst / Consultant
Business Transformation & Continuous Improvement

EDUCATION – Executive MBA, Bath University 2002.
Dip. Bus. Computing, Auckland 1990.
Dip. Programming Johannesburg 1987

I have over 30 years experience reporting to and operating within the Corporate Suite environment where I have analysed and led Continuous Improvement programmes reviewing, mapping and redesigning business processes and procedures with the objective to improve organisational performance.

I have achieved success in multiple environments – most recently in Renewable Energy but also in Retail Banking, Insurance, Financial Services, Information Technology, Publishing, UK Health and the Motor Manufacturing sectors. As such, I bring a wealth of cross-industry experience to any organisation I am appointed to. All assignments have incorporated complete end-to-end life cycles with business analysis taking centre stage before Scoping, Documenting and Planning has taken place.

A case study of my largest and most successful organisational transformation programme can be viewed at where I analysed and redesigned a complete cost savings and efficiency program which led to more efficient and patient flows and better patient experiences resulting in improved organisational performance. Other similar case studies can be found on my Linked In profile which can be viewed at can be viewed on Linked in profile.

I have undergone “Train the Trainer” training for Anderson’s Method-1 methodology, a licensed copy of the Prince methodology, and also “Train the Trainer” training for the Jarvis Institute’s Four Quadrant Leadership program. In addition I have been trained in Agile Project Management techniques.

I have worked to my strengths and built a career in the continuous improvement and transformation environments, where I have analysed and synthesised complex strategies and created projects and programmes which implement new or improved operational processes. This has been achieved through analysis of low performing directorates and sub-divisions identified through the use of strategy as well as empirical and anecdotal evidence.

In addition I have conducted analysis and scoring of options, local and international markets and risk analysis. I have also developed market risk analysis tools and developed revenue models.

I am an autodidact, an ability which employers have been quick to capitalise upon. I have consulted on and led comprehensive cross-business change and transformation programmes in the UK, South Africa, New Zealand, Australia and the U.S.A.

I am immediately available.

Key Skills

"PEST" Analysis"SWOT" AnalysisCost Savings AnalysisEfficiencies AnalysisFeasibility StudiesMarket AnalysisMarket Risk AnalysisOrganisational Performance AnalysisProcess Design & RedesignRevenue Models

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