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CV Help: Free CV Review and Advice for Senior Managers & Professionals

It doesn’t matter how long you have worked in your industry or how much you have achieved in your working life, we all need CV help sometimes to ensure that recruiters and hiring managers see our best selves when undertaking a CV review as part of a shortlisting process.

It’s really not always about whether you have the skills and capability of doing the job you have applied for; you already know you do! The hurdle that trips up the majority of experienced professionals is their lack of practise at showcasing themselves via a CV in the best way. Small tweaks can make a significant difference to how a CV is perceived and understood, and this CV help is something we at The Director-e would like all our candidates to benefit from so that first hurdle presents no difficulty whatsoever.

To give you the CV help and support you need, The Director-e has teamed up with professional CV writing expert, David Welsh, who is on hand to perform a CV review for you free of charge, in order to then give you some guidance and answer your questions.

CV Review Service: Free CV Guidance Just a Click Away

If you fit our profile of a seasoned professional and you would like to take advantage of our CV writing expert’s skills and have a free CV review, then simply upload your CV in the contact form. Once your CV review has been completed, we’ll be in touch with you to help you best identify where your strengths lie and the best way in which to present them to a prospective employer.

This CV guidance is invaluable to help you truly understand from an impartial professional the best way in which to present yourself so that you highlight your core skills and experiences in such a way that makes you stand out to a hiring manager or recruiter.

There are many different ways to go about getting CV help, but taking advantage of professional and impartial advice to understand exactly how your CV is likely to be received by employers is a good place to begin.


CV Review Service