Advertise a Job Vacancy for FREE – 8 Good Reasons Why UK Recruiters Should

Here at The Director-e, the UK’s newest and what we aim to be, the best executive recruitment job board for senior professionals, we challenged ourselves to list out the reasons why recruitment agencies, head hunters and hiring managers should sit up, take notice and ADVERTISE A JOB VACANCY with us. Please take a moment to read and digest what we came up with.

8 GOOD REASONS why Recruitment Agencies, Head Hunters and Hiring Managers should ADVERTISE A JOB VACANCY FOR FREE on our Senior and Executive Job Board:

  • They want it to be found by potential candidates using Google search – All of our job vacancies are currently ranking on page 1 of Google UK – We think that we may be punching way above our weight and don’t expect to be knocked down any time soon!
  • They want it to be found by potential candidates using our on-site job search – Of course we’re pulling in job seekers who want to find new and exciting opportunities – It doesn’t take a lot to feature prominently, so what’s stopping you!
  • They want it to be promoted to potential candidates on Twitter, Facebook and Linkedin – We have it covered big time – We know that it’s a numbers game and our reach is extending every single day!
  • They want it to benefit from maximum visibility and exposure – We may be new but we’re not resting on our laurels – We’re rolling out new strategies all of the time so look out, you’ll be seeing us everywhere soon!
  • They want to receive applications with CVs that have been designed and formatted in a way that helps them – Crucially we have a recruitment expert on our team – Matt has picked up more CVs than he’s had hot dinners and we’ve taken his guidance on board with our Director-e CV!
  • They want their advertisements to attract the best choice of applicants – Here at The Director-e we know that there’s a huge pool of talent being missed or ignored by hiring managers – We’ve made it our mission to find and present that talent to UK plc!
  • They want to advertise senior and executive job vacancies for FREE – Some would say that it’s a no-brainer, there you go I just did – We’re not going to be offering the opportunity to you for ever and a day – We’re doing this on a shoe-string and we’ve all got to keep roofs over our heads, so please take up our invitation for you to advertise a job vacancy for FREE. Go on, test the water; you won’t even get wet!

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